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Baton Rouge Raceway 2004 O'Reilly Auto Parts Late Model Rules

The rules are the same rules required by the O'Reilly SUPR Late Model Series

SUPR Series Rules

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Similar to United Dirt Track Racing Association specifications, with the exception of a 12-inch spoiler (four inches higher than UDTRA standards) allowed for cars equipped with the SUPR spec engine.


SUPR-branded only. (Rear Only)


Any powerplant is allowed, but competitors using steel block engines equipped with SUPR-spec Brodix heads and intakes are given weight breaks and allowed to use a 12-inch spoiler.


2,300 pounds (with driver after race) is mandated for unlimited engines, while cars powered by SUPR spec engines must weigh 2,150 pounds (with driver after race).


Gasoline and alcohol


$100 per one-day show.


Mufflers required. Two-way radios not allowed. Cars with aluminum block engines must mount 50 pounds in front of the motor plate.


Greg Holmes, (225) 275-5040

Late Models | Pure Stock Rules | Street Stock Rules | Limited Modified Rules | UMP Rules | Cruiser Rules | Stinger Rules

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