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Eric Courville Scores his Fifth win of the Season

Sue DuRoy August 14, 2004 Baton Rouge Speedway

Frank Brazzell scored the heat and feature win in Street Stock. Brazzell led every lap of the feature . 50 came in second. He chased Brazzell hard but couldn't catch him and had to settle for bridesmaid. Jody Vicknair took third and 9 fourth.

Henry Lamonica and Scotty Covington shared the heat wins for UMP. Covington on the pole set the pace for the 14 car field. After spending all week putting his car back together after a wreck last week at Pike County that heavily damaged his car he took the lead on the start of the feature and led every lap. Jerry Cassano spun in back and clipped the wall and knocked the tire off the rim, by turn three the tire was destroyed and he went hard into the concrete in three. On the restart it was Covington again followed by Shane Hebert. When the checkered fell Scotty Covington took the win, Hebert second, Kevin Dupont third, Henry LaMonica, and Cliff Temple.

James Harrell and Melvin Buecker took the heat wins in pure stock. Harrell took the lead on the start of the feature followed by Beucker, Down the front straightaway Beucker and Harrell made contact but Harrell hung on to the lead. Justin Bowman moved into second and then slipped by Buecker for the lead and went on to win. Jason Truax moved into second then Eric McAllister took over second and finished there. Truax finished third, Melvin Beucker fourth and Troy Dean fifth.

Eric Courville and James Ward took the heat wins for Late Model. Courville and Ward ran wheel to wheel an entire lap till Courville pulled into the lead. Courville and Ward first and second put over half the track over the rest of the field. Courville took his fifth win of the season. After taking a wild ride off the back straightaway at Baton Rouge last week he finished third this week. Elizabeth Halpin Smith took fourth and rounding out the top five was Donald Watson.

Roy Demarco and Tom Powell both bought and won a chance to ride with Donald Watson in his late models.

Johnny Whitehead and his son took the cruiser win.

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