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Blair Bides His Time!

Texarkana, Arkansas (September 7, 2001) - Jay Blair survived an attrition battle to claim his 3rd O’Reilly SUPR victory of the year at 67 Texarkana Speedway. Tonight’s event was the first time the O’Reilly SUPR Late Models have visited the tight ¼ mile oval and the facilities proved to be tough on the competition. But Blair, who started 4th in the feature, never lost sight of the leaders and as they fell by the way side, Blair was ready to seize the opportunity and the victory. A victory that looms large in the battle for the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Championship as David Ashley, Blair’s season-long rival for the title had an early exit from the event.

After the race, Blair felt his patience paid off on the bumpy surface. "I kind of had to take my time, as rough as the track was and tried to save my equipment for the end and then at the end of the race I really went to pushing it. Everything worked out."

The front six starting positions were determined by a dash for cash with Scott Slay parlaying the pole starting spot into the victory and the pole for the feature. But while Slay had the pole it was Jeff Chanler grabbing the early lead at the start. Chanler would maintain that lead as the race was restarted due to a pile up involving Mike Berry, Butch Patton and Tommy Surret. Chanler would hold the lead until lap 6 when Slay took over the point but Chanler wasn’t ready to concede the top spot as he resumed the lead on lap 9. Chanler appeared to be the car to beat as the race reached the halfway mark but he would be surpassed by Jody Prince on lap 32 and he would fade out of contention there after, parking his car for the night on lap 35.

Jody Prince, who started 18th, put on the charge of the night as he was able to climb all the way up to the lead but his lead would be short-lived as well as he parked his car for the night with front suspension damage. Ryan Plaisance assumed the lead at this point but he was unable to hold off Blair, who now sensed victory and he would not be denied as he grabbed the lead on lap 43 and held off Plaisance to claim the win.

67 Texarkana Speedway proved to be tough on the competition as just 10 of the original 22 cars were running as the checkers waved. 4 heat races were contested with the wins falling to Rusty Cummings, Scott Slay, GRT Top Qualifier Dave Siegert and Jay Blair. Mike Berry claimed the last chance race to lock in the 22-car field.

Official Results:
1. Jay Blair
2. Ryan Plaisance
3. Scott Slay
4. Dave Siegert
5. Jon Mitchell
6. Donald Watson
7. Rob Litton
8. Keith Craft
9. Dennis Duncan
10. Odie Green
11. Brady Adams
12. Butch Patton
13. Troy Withers
14. David Ashley
15. Raymond Merrill
16. Shane Harris
17. Brandon Ellison
18. David Yarbrough
19. Eric Conner
20. Cody Chisolm
21. Kenny Merchant

O’Reilly SUPR Points as of September 8, 2001:
1. Jay Blair 2612
2. David Ashley 2427
3. Dennis Duncan 2359
4. Odie Green 2287
5. Dave Siegert 2278
6. Ryan Plaisance 1933
7. Bill Avant 1806
8. Rob Litton 1735
9. Kenny Merchant 1686
10. Jon Mitchell 1497
11. Marlon Wild 1488
12. Terry Henson 1306
13. Lee Davis 1243
14. Donald Watson 1177
15. Bubba Mullins 870

For further information regarding the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Series contact Greg Holmes at 225-275-5040 or e-mail us at


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