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NCRA'S Ted Martin wins Round 1 of SUPR/NCRA Challenge

Mesquite, Texas (July 3, 2001) - A late afternoon shower turned Devil's Bowl Speedway into a big motor haven and Ted Martin was happy to point his big motor to victory lane in the first night of the O'Reilly NCRA/SUPR Challenge. Martin drove the Collins Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo to a solid victory over Delbert Smith, Ronny Adams, Ryan Plaisance and Rob Litton.

"It's been a long time.  It feels good, feels really good.  I talked to my shock guy this week and he gave us a few pointers.  I think that helped me tonight. This an awesome facility, I loved it."

Martin started on the pole and he was able to pull Delbert on the starts. Timely yellow flags kept Martin running with a clear track in front of him for most of the race and he was able to keep Smith and Adams at bay through out much of the race.  The closest Delbert would get came on a restart following a lap 5 caution.  Delbert and Ted made contact racing through turn 4 and the field behind them were forced to take evasive action.  While Delbert and Ted made it through clean, Raymond Merrill running 7th at the time, got caught up in all the dodging around and spun near the exit to turn 4 making solid contact with the front wall, ending his night.

As the race wore on Delbert kept pace with Martin, with an eye toward making his move in lapped traffic, a chance that never fully presented itself.  "I started driving a little harder, trying to get the car freer.  I thought we'd catch lapped cars and every time we'd catch'em we'd get a yellow and I didn't want to run out of tear offs so I was lying back and then we'd start to catch lapped cars and I'd start picking up a little better and then we'd have a yellow.  But I'm happy with second."

Ronny Adams was happy with his 3rd place finish in a homecoming of sorts.  Adams, who used to run Modifieds on Friday nights at Devil's Bowl had his car set up for the heavy racing surface but a carburetor problem kept his car from performing up to par.  "I thought I would have had something for them but I was having motor problems the whole race.  I was having to keep part throttle because if I gave it full throttle it started killing the motor, fuel pressure was acting up on it."

Plaisance led the spec motor troops with a solid 4th place despite a tight car.  "The car was great, a little tight, just needed some motor to turn it.  I just had use three wheel brakes to get in the corner, jam the brakes, turn the car and hammer back down and just hope for the best.  The motor was the number one key tonight.  If I could keep the momentum going I could keep up but if I pushed one lap I'd have to start all over."

29 Late Models were on hand.  Heat races winners were Ted Martin, Delbert Smith, Ronny Adams and Ryan McAnich.  Sam Patrick then claimed the Last Chance race to round out the field.  Kelly King was the Lloyd Wild Jr. Logging Hard Charger, passing 12 cars in finishing 6th.

For further information regarding the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Series contact Greg Holmes at 225-275-5040 or e-mail us at


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