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Coleman Wins-"Makes Dad Happy"

Kilgore, Texas (June 3, 2001) – Last week, Michael Coleman struggled through two nights of racing and at the end of the weekend, he informed me that he was breaking out his old trusty Welsh Ranch/Armadillo’s Willy’s Café/Trudy Moore Designs/B&M Performance-backed MastersBilt Chassis and that he was going to be tough to beat this week.  Coleman proved to be prophetic in his prognosis as he stormed to his first O'Reilly SUPR feature of the year at Lone Star Speedway.  “After everything went wrong last week, I found out it was just lack of maintenance and it was nobody’s fault but my own, I’ve just had too many irons in the fire but I just put everything on hold and told everybody else my car or no car. I’ve got a lot of good help, a lot of people here to help me and special thanks to Terry Dickson (and the owners of Lone Star Speedway) for having Late Models out here.  It’s 20 minutes from my house and you can’t beat it.”

Coleman made it clear he was on mission as he earned the GRT Top Qualifier award and started on the pole after having passed 6 cars to win his heat race.  Kenny Merchant started alongside Coleman and won the race into turn 1.  Merchant appeared strong but was the very first car to drop out of the race with a broken water pump belt on lap 2.

Coleman took over the lead with Diamond Dave Siegert and Mark Andrews in close pursuit.  Coleman and Andrews ran the highline while Siegert stuck to the low groove.  Andrews would eventually work by Siegert on lap 38 and then he closed in on Coleman in a tight battle for the lead. Andrews showed Coleman his nose a few times and Coleman moved down to the low groove to protect the low side.  Andrews then made one last move as he went high through one and two pulling even with Coleman on the final lap only to push exiting turn 4 - lifting just enough to give Coleman clear sailing to the checker flag.

Mark Andrews felt he was the car to beat at the end of the race but he wasn’t able to make the pass for the win.  “I got up underneath him but I just pushed coming out of the corner.  That last time I had to go outside to keep from missing him, I guess he shut it down a little early to stay on the bottom and I just had to turn outside to keep from missing him”.  And yet the outside almost proved to be the place to make the move as Andrews pulled even with Coleman on the backstretch and appeared to have the momentum to pass Coleman when Andrews’ car pushed hard exiting turn 4 and he had to lift to keep from making contact with the outside wall.  “He’s hard to beat over here.”

Diamond Dave Siegert moved up to third in the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Championship standings on the strength of his performance this weekend. He battled Coleman for much of the racing running on the bottom of the track.  “Our car was great just a little driver error if anything.  I should have maybe tried the middle but I felt it was going decent on the bottom.  We had a great car, we finished and the motor run great so we’ll take it.”

Jay Blair recorded a 4th place finish and resumed the lead in the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Championship standings as Ashley had a magneto go out on his car while he was running in the Top 5 and he slipped to 16th place finish.  Blair was running a new motor he picked up this week from Wall to Wall Racing Engines and the motor worked well but his normal setup for Lone Star didn’t work well on the well-watered track.  “We put on our normal setup that we’ve had a lot of success with here.  The car was too tight.  We were real good on the long run the car would come in but on the restarts after a caution we were terrible.”

Attrition took its toll on racers and cars alike as only 13 cars were running at the end of the race and one of the those cars was coasting as Terry Henson lost his driveline as he crossed under the flag stand at the end of lap 49.  Jason, Doug and Ray Ingalls all slowed with what appeared to be motor failures, this on the heels of Ricky Ingalls after Ricky Ingalls lost his motor in his heat race.  Ronny Adams dropped out just past the halfway mark while running in the top 5, followed closely by Rob Litton.  Litton lost the power steering on his car and then his water temperature began to rise, as did the temperature in Marlon Wild’s ride.  Wild broke a motor in his heat race and then he used a provisional starting spot and borrowed Eric Conner’s car to run in the feature.

For further information regarding the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Series contact Greg Holmes at 225-275-5040 or e-mail us at


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