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Sammy Say's "Dupont is the Winner"

Shreveport, Louisiana (May 26, 2001) – For the second time in as many nights, a local track favorite has found his way into victory lane during the O’Reilly NCRA/SUPR Challenge.  Chad Dupont claimed his first ever SUPR victory as he topped the O’Reilly NCRA/SUPR Challenge at Boothill Speedway.  Dupont started on the pole as he earned the GRT Top Qualifier award after he won his heat race from the 4th starting position.  “Man this feels real good.  I’ve got to thank the whole crew, John McLemore with PTS Racing Engines and Jody Prince at J&J Racing.”

Dupont, driving an unsponsored GRT, showed that his car was capable of running just about anywhere on the racetrack.  “I started down on the bottom and it was good down there until the track started going away and then I moved up when we had a caution (on lap 16) and it worked good up there.  I figured that it was going to be too tight on the bottom and too loose up top but everything worked good.”  Dupont, now a weekly threat to win at Boothill credits a good motor for being the major difference for him this year.

Lee Davis challenged Dupont throughout the race but he bet on the track taking on rubber and he car was not setup to take advantage of the slick track conditions.  “I chased it all but that’s just the way it goes. From the middle of the corner on out, I couldn’t do anything with (Dupont).”

Ricky Ingalls felt he was in a good position to win the race but untimely cautions took away his best chance to get to the front.  Ricky was running the high side early in the race while Dupont and Davis ran down low.  Ingalls had moved up alongside Dupont on lap 16 when a caution waved as Jason Ingalls and Bill Avant got together on the front stretch to bring out the caution and negate the Ricky’s pass of Davis. At this point, the lead cars moved to the high side of the track and Ricky could not find another passing opportunity, finishing third in the final rundown.

“We did pretty good on the long runs and found us a little groove and got going and showed them where the groove was and we they moved there I just couldn’t stay with them.

Terry Henson closed in on Ricky during the last 10 laps but he was unable to move by Ingalls.  Henson had started 20th in the feature and passed 16 cars despite running on 7 cylinders all night long.  Jon Mitchell, winner of the first O’Reilly SUPR race at Boothill this year, rounded out the top 5.

David Ashley continued to increase his lead in the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Championship battle with a 6th place finish.  Dennis Duncan, running with a new motor after popping his primary motor last night at Baton Rouge Raceway, earned the Lloyd Wild Jr. Logging Hard Charger award as he started 23rd and passed 16 cars en route to a 7th place finish. Ronny Adams struggled all night but the Boothill master still managed to put his car into the top 10 with an 8th place finish.  Raymond Merrill led the NCRA competitors with a 9th place finish after starting 15th. Bill Avant, who was running top 5 before being taken out by Jason Ingalls, recovered to round out the top 10. 

Rob Litton and Donald Watson both saw solid top 5 runs end due to mechanical gremlins, Litton due to faulty brakes and Watson due to a motor failure.

Jay Blair, seeking to stay in close contact with current point leader and 1999 O’Reilly SUPR Champion David Ashley, borrowed Junior Taylor’s car to run in the feature but he was not running at the end of the race and saw his point deficit grow to 47 points.

34 Late Models were on hand.  Lee Davis, Bill Avant, Kent Taylor, Mike Berry and Chad Dupont claimed the heat race victories while Dave Siegert and Odie Green claimed the Last Chance victories.

For further information regarding the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Series contact Greg Holmes at 225-275-5040 or e-mail us at


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