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Watts Wins in Front of Home Crowd!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (May 25, 2001) – Kevin Watts, a former Baton Rouge Raceway track champion, claimed the biggest win of his career as he topped the third leg of the O’Reilly NCRA/SUPR Challenge.  Watts, running in his own car this year after taking off some time from racing, showed that he still knew his way around the ¼ mile speedway.  Watts drove the Ascension Ready Mix/Truck and Wholesale Equipment GRT to the 50-lap feature victory worth $3000.  “We had a good car and the guys on the crew did a good job.  I’ve had a lot of folks help me and I hope I’m not leaving anybody out because it’s been a big effort.”  Watts credits the new car for the performance and hits that there may be more from the car as he’s still sorting it out.

Watts was the GRT Top Qualifier and he started the feature on the pole. He shoot into the lead with Dennis Duncan, David Ashley and Donald Watson close behind.  As the field raced onto the backstretch on lap 2, Duncan slowed suddenly with an expired motor forcing Ashley and Watson to take evasive action.  Watson slid to a halt in the infield while Duncan exited the track for the night.  Ashley was able to maintain his track position but it soon became clear that his car was not up to par tonight.

When the racing got back underway, Watts was up front with Marlon Wild and Rob Litton taking up pursuit as Ashley began loosing ground.  Wild and Litton were able to keep within shouting distance of Watts but were never able to close in for a serious challenge even when lapped traffic became an issue in the latter stages of the race.  Wild tried to reel in Watts but his car got tighter as the race went on.  “I got a little bit tight, when the tires would cool I could run with him but and then at the end I thought I might have a chance in lapped traffic but he had us covered.” Litton also felt his car was a little too tight for the track conditions.  “We were a little tight.  I thought the track was going to be a little bit slicker than it was.  The car wasn’t that bad either. We were not that far off it but if I didn’t get in just right and get back on the throttle just enough, it wanted to push.”  Still Litton was happy to record a solid finish.

Eric Courville wasn’t sure he was going to run this weekend but he was happy he decided to run as he recorded another solid finish with the O’Reilly SUPR Series this year as he finished 4th ahead of Bubba Mullins and the Iceman Delbert Smith.  Smith was the highest finisher amongst the NCRA challengers.  Odie Green, who used a SUPR provisional just to start the show, passed 15 cars to earn the Lloyd Wild Jr. Logging Hard Charger award.  David Ashley, Ryan Plaisance and Kelly Boen rounded out the top 10.

David Knight, Donald Watson, Eric Courville, Kevin Watts and Terry Henson claimed the five heat races while Kent Taylor and Bill Gordon topped the Last Chance races.

Defending O’Reilly SUPR Late Model Champion Jay Blair popped his motor during hot laps and headed home to make repairs for Boothill. 34 Late Models were on hand

For further information regarding the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Series contact Greg Holmes at 225-275-5040 or e-mail us at


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