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Magnolia State Championship Series/ Rocketman "Wing takes Round 1"

Magnolia, Mississipi (May 5, 2001) - Rodney Wing owns victory lane at Pike County Speedway.  Since teaming up with Billy McDonald and the B&K Underground Racing Team, Wing has repeatedly visited victory lane at Pike County.  He won his very first OReilly SUPR race last year at Pike County and he claimed the biggest win of his career when he won last years Jambalaya 100 at Pike County.  And he just keeps on winning, this time with a dominant performance that saw him chase down early race leader Diamond Dave Siegert to grab the lead and the eventual victory on the 11th lap.  Wing felt that track conditions came around to him and his racecar.  Everything just seemed to fall into place tonight.  We werent that good early when the track was kind of heavy but as it dried out it really came around to us.  Rodney, driving the B&K Underground Directional Boring/Boland Performance/Ace Racer Graphics Rocket found a groove to his liking, as he would run low in turns 1 and 2 while taking the high line through turns 3 and 4.  I tried running the high side all around but we worked out a groove after about 5 laps and it stuck.

Diamond Dave, was happy to hold on to 2nd place after having a big scare in the hot laps sessions when he discovered a crack on his cylinder head.  We just got the motor in the car and we were surprised to find the crack.  We put in a little aluminum sealant and it sealed it up. Siegert was able to claim the GRT Top Qualifier award after winning his heat race and he jumped to the early lead in the feature but he was unable to hold off Rodneys charge to the front.  Still Siegert was happy to record a solid finish after a string of bad luck.  Diamond Dave feels he getting closer to finding the right setup in his Barthold Tires/Floor Works Rocket.  Were getting closer.  Weve tried to follow the set up sheets from Rocket with some success but I think the slicker conditions down here have caused us to try some new set ups.  Siegert credits the advice hes received from fellow Rocket pilots Kenny Merchant and Rodney Wing for helping him dial the car in. Marlon Wild recorded another solid finish in his Wild Logging/Boland Performance Warrior but he felt he just wasnt fast enough tonight. Marlon was able to work his way to the front after starting the feature in the 8th starting spot but just felt his car was a little too off the pace to keep up with Wing and Siegert.

The 50-lap feature was slowed by just 2 cautions, the first when Terry Henson was bumped as the field exited turn 2 and he made contact with the outside wall ending his night.  Donald Watson also saw his night end early as he was tagged as the field slowed for the Henson caution. Watsons radiator was busted for the 2nd weekend in a row.  The 2nd caution waved on lap 36 for debris on the track.

David Ashley, by virtue of his 5th place finish in his Ashley Brothers/J&J Racing American Made, has retaken the point lead in the 2001 OReilly SUPR Championship battle.  He now leads defending 2000 OReilly SUPR Champion Jay Blair by 23 points.  Blair debuted a new GRT Chassis and struggled early transferring to the feature after finishing 2nd in his Last Chance race.  Blair seemed to find a groove to his liking as the feature wore on and he was able to pass 10 cars en route to a 10th place finish.

34 OReilly SUPR Late Models were on hand.  Heat winners were Bubba Mullins, Marlon Wild, Keith Mancil, Raymond Taylor and Dave Siegert. Rob Litton and Ryan Plaisance then recorded victories in the 2 Last Chance races to set the field.  Bill Gordon claimed the Lloyd Wild Jr. Logging Hard Charger award as he passed 10 cars en route to a 12th place finish after starting the feature in the final starting position.

The next stop on the OReilly SUPR tour is May 18th at 81 Speedway in Wichita, Kansas as the 2nd Annual OReilly NCRA/SUPR Challenge gets underway.

For further information regarding the 2001 O’Reilly SUPR Series contact Greg Holmes at 225-275-5040 or e-mail us at

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