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Wesley LaFleur Takes the Mini Stock Special

Sue DuRoy August 17,2001 Baton Rouge Raceway

Mark Hardwick jumped into the lead on the start of the pure stock feature. Darrel Guy moved into second and then took over the lead. The first caution flew when third place Buddy Payne broke a radiator hose and left the track. On the restart Rodney Ravencraft and Tim Moran split a lap car for third spot. Couple laps later Ravencraft spun jumping the berm on the front straightaway and into the infield. Off turn four Zane Barcelona took over second. Yellow flew when Johnny Michel went up in a cloud of blue. Guy took the win by several car lengths over Zane Barcelona, Tim Moran, Mark Hardwick and Shay Juban. Hardwick, Barcelona, and Guy all shared heat wins.

Elvis Turbville and Tom Dancy shared heat wins for the Mini Stock special. First lap was a five car pile up in four. Scotty Covington was out of the race after that. Larry Clayton went to the pits under yellow and returned in time to start. Donna Everett was able to continue on. On the complete restart LaFleur took the lead followed by Tom Dancy. Turn two Dancy spun and three cars nailed him. That ended his night of racing. On the restart Elvis Turbville took the lead followed by LaFleur. Turbville spun in four and earned a trip to the rear. Like a bolt of lightning Turbville is back up to second then broke in turn two and was towed to the pits. LaFleur went on t0o win by a whole straightaway over Donna Everett, Cliff Temple, Melvin Sibley, and Sidney Persilver.

Shannon Graham and Bobby Tate took the street stock heat wins. Scooter Paetz took the lead on the drop of the green. Something happened to Scooter and he fell off the pace, Bobby Tate took over the lead. Second place Graham pulled beside the leader Tate but Tate hung on to the lead. Third place Tommy Cannon got a nose under Graham trying to get second from Graham. Bobby Tate scored the win followed by Graham, Cannon, Reuben Allred and Robert Ringo.

Gene Commas and Eric Courville were the late model heat winners. 6 car pile up in two brought out the yellow and a complete restart. Michael Blackard, David Ashley, Kevin Watts, Rodney Sheridan, Eric Courville, and Kerry Vicknair. On the complete restart it was Chris Wall again with the lead. Wall lead every lap to score the win followed by Sam Patrick. These two had a whole straightaway over third place Gene Comas, Kevin Watts and Eric Courville. Jason Polite was the Timberwolf Hard charger.

James Ward, Billy Collette and Jerry Cassano all shared heat wins for UMP. On the start Jerry Cassano from outside the front row blasted into the lead followed by James Ward and Jeff Martello. A lap later Cassano fell off the pace with mechanical problems and retired to the pits. James Ward took over as leader. Chad Williams running fifth spun coming out of four and also retired to the pits. Dale Aucoin moved to second then suffered problems and retired to the pits also. Jeff Martello and Billy Collett swapped second over and over. Donnie Simpson after starting in the rear of the 20 car field worked his way to fifth. James Ward set sail and was long gone taking another win. Billy Collett finally got second from Martello. At the finish line Martello and Curtis Vicknair crossed the line in a photo finish with Martello getting third because he had Vicknair by about 2 inches of nerf bar. Curtis Vicknair took fourth and Bobby Semple worked his way up to finish fifth.

For further information regarding the 2000 O’Reilly SUPR Series contact Greg Holmes at 225-275-5040 or e-mail us at gholmes@suprracing.com.

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