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Watts Tops the 19 Car Field of Late Models from Green to Checkered

Sue DuRoy June 22, 2001 Baton Rouge Raceway

Zane Barcelona and Darrell Guy took top honors in pure stock.

Barcelona and Guy ran wheel to wheel down the front straightaway into turns one and two. Down the back straightaway Barcelona took the lead followed by Guy. Guy was able to take the lead but Barcelona took it right back. Mike Carter moved into second and finished there behind the winner Barcelona. Guy took third and Mark Tate took fourth.

Chris Cassano and Jason Taylor took the heat wins for UMP. ON the start Jerry and Chris Cassano ran one, two. Third place Taylor broke and was towed in. While under yellow Chris Cassano also went in. On the restart it was Jerry leading the field followed by Shane Hebert. Cassano led every lap with Hebert right on him. Those two pulled several car lengths from the rest of the field. Cassano took the win followed by Hebert, Conrad Cupit ran a strong third, Kalif Seller ran fourth and Ricky Begnaud fifth. Frank Hillyard took the Timberwolf Hard Charger award.

Kerry Vicknair took the lead in the street stock feature, but not for long. Scotty Case moved in and took over the lead. With only a couple laps to go it looked like Scotty would take the win, but Vicknair was able to pass Case and go on to take the win. Scooter Paetz took over second, Jason Wilks took third and Case finished fourth. Paetz and Vicknair took the heat wins.

Scotty Covington and Larry Clayton took the mini stock heat wins. Covington and Clayton Rn wheel to wheel down the front straightaway by turn one it was Covington in the lead. Wayne Everett moved into second behind Covington . In turn four Everett got beside Covington and made contact. Covington was placed at the rear. On the restart Covington smoothly worked his way through the field to the lead and took the win over Wayne Everett, Daniel Jessup, Sidney Persilver and Alvin King

Kevin Watts, Sam Patrick and Kennith Crowe all took heat wins for late models. Watts from the pole moved right into the lead followed by Patrick an Crowe side by side for second. A five car pile up in two brought out the yellow and a complete restart. Again it was Watts leading the 19 car field. With only 5 laps remaining Ricky May spun in two bringing out the yellow. On the restart it was Watts again. Through the whole race Watts threaded the needle smoothly in and out of lap traffic followed by Patrick. Watts took the win . Patrick took second. In the final laps Donald Watson took over third. Jerry Bevis and Kennith Crowe came over the line side by side for fourth. Bevis got it by a whisker.

Blake Jenkins took the heat win for yard carts and Talbert the feature. Ricky Kirkland took the heat and feature win for Go Karts.